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Here's are a few stories from a recent Newsletter.

Why Modi government did not join the world’s largest trading bloc

Fears exist whether India’s industries and agricultural sector will be able to compete globally with countries like China and New Zealand.

India had its first ‘WhatsApp election.’ We have a million messages from it

More and more, political advertising is being distributed on closed networks, such as WhatsApp and Messenger (both owned by Facebook), Signal, and Telegram.

India is trying to build the world's biggest facial recognition system

It wants to construct one of the world's largest facial recognition systems. The project envisions a future in which police from across the country's 29 states and seven union territories would have access to a single, centralized database.

Flipkart’s financials reveal it as a full-blown retailer, not just a marketplace

Flipkart bought goods worth Rs 39,514 crore, which is more than 90% of India’s five leading retailers put together, as per its annual filing with the regulator in Singapore.

How India plans to use Bangladesh's rivers to unlock its landlocked Northeast?

Sometime this week, MV Maheshwari carrying 53 containers will leave the Haldia port near Kolkata for Pandu port in Guwahati, carrying freight for Hindustan Petrochemicals and Adani Wilmar.

Love it or hate it, Mumbai is a model of the city in the 21st century

It's built on a slender, impossibly crowded peninsula surrounded on three sides by water. It contains the heart of India's most powerful industries, and some of its poorest slums.

Terrific Mid-Air Video Captures HAL’s HTT-40 Trainer Nailing Crucial Spin Tests

Nailing a set of tests that bedeviled and all but killed a parallel aircraft development program was always going to be a huge task. But that’s precisely what India’s HAL has managed to do.

The story of how angry karsevak Kamlesh Tiwari rose to become a Hindu leader

He was just 12 when he picked his first fight against the Muslim community in his hometown of Uttar Pradesh’s Mahmudabad.

How Web Series Are Changing Dictionary of Stardom

Web series on popular streaming OTT platforms like Hotstar, Netflix and Amazon are the launchpad of talented newcomers trying to find a foothold in the Indian entertainment world.

Reclaiming India’s Stolen Cultural Heritage

Indian activists seek to recover missing idols, the victims of colonial plundering and contemporary thievery.

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